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Drug Addiction ruins life

Drug Addiction Ruins Life

Drug Addiction ruins life in most of the cases. Most drug addictions start with experimental use of a drug in social situations. In most of the situations, when the experience of the first use, shows certain benefit, there are high chances that, at least for some persons, the drug use becomes more frequent. Increase in frequency leads slowly to the dependency. Eventually dependency takes ultimate form of addiction. How fast a person travels this path, depends upon multiple factors, such as Reasons, Opportunities, Financial capabilities or sources to make it available and off course on the chemical nature of the drug.  Some drugs have a higher risk and cause dependency more quickly than others.

Any habit of drug, always goes through a path of smaller and less frequent doses to more frequency and larger doses of the drug to get same kind of experience. Then a time comes when the person needs the drug just to feel good. As the drug use increases, a point of no return appears where the person find sit almost impossible  to go without the drug. Attempts to stop drug forcefully shows withdrawal symptoms, where non-consumption results in intense cravings, giving a feeling of  illness. This is addiction to that particular drug.

Typical symptoms on the path of drug addiction

  • A Feeling to consume the drug regularly and more frequently.
  • Very intense urge for the drug.
  • Comparing post drug experience of earlier instance and need to consume more quantity to get the same effect.
  • Planning for drug consumption occasions and insuring supply of the same.
  • Ignoring the financial capabilities and sense of morality, while arranging  money for the  drug
  • Giving less importance to responsibilities and other activities which were part of one’s life before starting consuming the drug regularly.
  • Increase in risk taking nature to fulfill supply of the drug.
  • Planning to stop using the drug and failing each time
  • Start believing that world had done injustice to you which resulted in drug addiction.
Drug Addiction Physical Symptoms
Drug Addiction Physical Symptoms