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Smoking and tobacco

Smoking and Tobacco

Smoking and tobacco have become part of lifestyle of a high percentage of society. Many of them do it as a style statement. The craze for smoking or chewing tobacco in the form of Gutka or similar items is increasing among the youth. Many of them very well know that smoking and tobacco addiction, can cause various cancers. Despite that they cannot control their urge.

Other adverse effects of Tobacco

Other than cancer, there are many other direct and indirect adverse effects of Tobacco. Smoking also has a major effect on health care and blood vessel disorders. Scientific experiments have shown that more than four thousand harmful chemicals enter the body through smoking. Of these, nicotine and carbon monoxide are the most dangerous. Here are few adverse effects which is caused by regular consumption of tobacco.

Direct effects of Tobacco

1. Inflammation of blood vessels: Smoking causes inflammation of the inner walls of blood vessels. They start to thicken. If smoking is prolonged, the swelling increases day by day. This ultimately obstructs blood flow.

2. Blood clotting: Smoking stimulates blood clotting which can cause disorders such as DVT in impure blood vessels. Blood clots can also cause loss of limbs.

3. Increased Cholesterol Levels: Blood contains good cholesterol (high density cholesterol) and bad cholesterol (low density cholesterol). Smoking lowers the level of good cholesterol and raises the level of bad cholesterol. This cholesterol starts to accumulate in the blood vessels. This causes the blood vessels in the arms and legs, including the heart, to constrict and the blood flow to be disrupted. This is when the pain in the limbs begins.

4. Hypertension: Smoking causes high blood pressure. People who already have high blood pressure find it difficult to control it. People who have been addicted to smoking since adolescence start having high blood pressure. Feeling tired after a little work. In addition, the blood supply to the feet is not regulated, which affects the feet.


Leg pain, burning sensation in the legs, abdominal pain after walking for a while, leg pain at night, or incontinence are common symptoms caused by the effects of smoking on blood vessels. Sometimes there is a lump in the blood vessels and the feet may get cold. It is called ‘acute limb ischemia’ in medical parlance. This is a medical emergency. If not treated within six hours, the leg may also have to be amputated.


Forty percent of treatments are the same if smoking and tobacco use are stopped immediately. Vascular specialists examine which blood vessel is blocked by an angiogram. It is then treated with angioplasty, stenting or bypass surgery. This helps to heal foot ulcers. Medications to thin the blood are given in case of disorders like DVT. It is advisable to consult a cardiologist immediately after the onset of symptoms.

The importance of timely treatment

Though there is recent awareness in the society about smoking damaging the blood vessels, many young people are adamant that nothing like this can happen to them. They will continue with their habits willingly or unwillingly.  Then the vascular disorder becomes monstrous.

Therefore, if you are a smoker and you experience any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to consult a vascular surgeon immediately. Do try Nashaband, to get rid of addiction. To know more about addiction, do read our blogs on .