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Rev Party and Drugs

Rev Party and Drugs

Rev Party and Drugs connection is currently in limelight. But it started way back and not in India. In the 1950s, many people in London had different lifestyles. They were called bohemians. The word ‘Rev’ at that time was used for a bohemian party. It used to have a young congregation throbbing to the beat of the music. Sex and use of drugs was very common in these parties.

Due to advances in technology and DJs in the 1990s led to the boom in rev parties. Now-a-days rev parties are also held on a large scale in India. Generally they carry a heavy admission fees.

But why Drugs in these parties ?

Drugs are nothing but substances that cause a person to experience certain types of drowsiness, intoxication, stinging or dizziness. But there is more to it. Now-a-days there are drugs, specifically made for exploitation in terms of money, sex, mind control etc. In turn the person becomes addictive soon and then there are people who use them for all purposes. To name a few, Opium, Morphine, Heroin, Cocaine, Cannabis, Marijuana, Hashish, Brown sugar etc. Few of the drugs are injected directly into the blood, eat or smell it through their nose. This makes them intoxicated. For the intoxication of the spirit too

What process the body goes through after taking drugs

Once consumed, Drugs take direct or indirect control of one’s brain. It creates a sense of pleasure, excitement, happy mood, false feeling of being strong and so on. Ultimately, this helps one to forget stress and gets a feeling of being very satisfied, happy. As the reward circuit of the brain gets activated, one tend to consume drugs, to experience this feeling again and again. This without failure leads to Addiction.

Bollywood and Drugs

Rev party and Drugs has another angle. This is related to party culture in the film industry. It is a general impression that drugs are widely consumed at Bollywood parties. The reason which put forward for this is stress and depression. Many people say that depression is rampant in Bollywood. It is a stressful life because of hectic shooting schedule, tension of remaining successful with hit movies, tension about the money invested, career and so on. There might be some truth with this, in the whole world, crores of people, face these issues. But not all of these people choose the Drug way to get relief from stress.

Cure and Remedies

Depression, stress and similar issues can be cured with meditation, medicines, proper treatment. But instead of this, if somebody who is already famous, successful, has strong financial background, is choosing Drugs, then the obvious reasons are money, recklessness and search of an easy solution. In addition to these, there are also set traps, to which such celebrity fail.

Always trying to be happy, ignoring the things that cause stress, doing yoga, meditating, getting proper treatment from a psychiatrist are not that difficult ways. Staying away from party culture may not be possible, but one can always avoid being a party animal.

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