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Addiction in women

Addiction in women

Addiction seems to be on the rise among women. Why is this happening ? This article describes the reasons and the process.

Previously villains in dramas, movies, or in general male protagonists use to drink alcohol commonly. Now-a-days it is common to shown prominent male even female characters in movies, dramas and serials as a regular drinker. Sometimes even they are shown as addicted. As movies, dramas and serials have a great impact on the society, these things exalt addiction in the society.

Real life situation

In real life, addiction among women has increased and it has been accepted by the society. As the addiction came with glamor, it is becoming common in the society. Today we commonly observe younger females smoking cigarettes on the tea pot.

Looking at the last few years, it cannot be said that the rate of addiction is higher among women of a certain age. Irrespective of age and status, it has become common in married, unmarried, employed and non-employed women. Now-a-days, 13-14 year old girls seem to be addicted to cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, hashish, marijuana and drugs.

Two examples

This was not the picture a few years ago. The following two examples are almost a representative image of the things happening.

A highly educated woman in her forties. When she got married, her husband told her that she need not do a job. Initially she accepted it very easily. Eventually kids grew up, Husband got more and more involved with his business. Then loneliness enter with the age of her menopause. Husband has a in-house bar. Her addiction began.

Another female came to a city from a village. Husband was in a good position. He use to take her to a party and urges her to drink. She keep on refusing, but this denial did not suit the status quo. So he forced her to drink alcohol. The husband remained a social drinker. But she became addicted. Often women are introduced to alcohol by their husbands and then become addicted.

Path to addiction

Many-a-times it is observed that women have a tendency to become easily addicted. Their journey from alcoholism to addiction is quick. Why so ?

The liver contains an enzyme, which works as a detoxification. Many people are low in this enzyme, especially, on average women suffer for its deficiency. So the journey from acquaintance to addiction is fast in women.

Mental reasons

It doesn’t happened only for physical reasons. There are also psychological reasons too. In the past, women used to feel free to cry and talk when there is mental stress and depression. So they felt relieved. But today many prefer not to cry, as a representation of the mentality that we are strong. Not crying and not talking openly about tensions, difficulties is becoming common. The tendency to suppress overall stress has increased among women. Then at a moment the stress becomes unbearable, leading to the path of addiction.

In short, depression, loneliness, stress and hence addiction are increasing day by day among women.

Results of the treatment

If women accept the need of the treatment in case of addiction, results are known to be good. As per a study, percentage of the women who respond well to the treatment is high. It is 85% for woman in thirties while it is 70% among younger girls.

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