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Causes and Risk Factors of Addictions

Causes and Risk Factors of Addictions

Many of the quarters associate addiction with drug and alcohol consumption. However, this limits the extent of addictions within society. Having a better understanding of the term addiction will pave way for a more productive way of treating addictions.

Addiction is best referred to as the compulsive usage of any substance, behavior, feeling, or person with disregard for the negative physical, psychological and social consequences.

Causes of Addictions

There are several theories that propose the causes of addictions and some include the genetic predisposition; humans are born with a particular genetic predisposition to getting addicted. Other causes of addiction are mental illness and biochemicals. It has been discovered that many people are taking prescription drugs against the doctor’s knowledge to help them sleep as opposed to treating disease.

According to the weight loss pills reviews people are advised to take diet pills according to the doctor’s prescription. As opposed to deciding to buy weight loss pills without a doctor’s prescription.

Regardless of the cause espoused, many experts consider addictions as a disease that can be inherited. They suggest that people inherit a tendency to addictions, even when they do not become addicted to a particular substance. There are other researchers who suggest that addictions are not diseases but rather responses to pain.

Risks Factors

People of any sex, economic status, or age can become addicted. However, certain factors affect the chances of developing an addiction including a family history of addictions, being male, having other psychological problems, peer pressure, lack of parental involvement, taking highly addictive drugs, and anxiety, depression & loneliness.

Addictions are common in certain families. Therefore, if a person has a blood relative, like a sibling or parent with drug or alcohol problems they stand a higher chance of becoming a drug or alcohol addict.

Furthermore, being a man makes you twice as likely to experience drug problems. In case you have been diagnosed with another psychological problem like post-traumatic stress disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or depression, you are likely to become an addict.

Peer pressure plays a fundamental role in making people addicts. This is particularly the case among young people. Many young people are into drugs and taking alcohol as a result of being introduced by peers. The lack of parental attachment increases the chances of addiction. This often arises because there is no parental supervision.

Furthermore, taking highly addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroin has the ability to cause addiction faster. Anxiety, depression, as well as loneliness, often cause some people to become addicted. Many get addicted to porn, drugs, and alcohol as they seek to get rid of painful psychological feelings.

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How To Get Rid Of Alcohol

get rid of alcohol

When someone becomes physically or mentally dependent on a particular thing, then that condition is called addiction. The victims of alcoholism remain restless until they get alcohol. Such people remain abnormal before consuming the drug and find themselves in a normal state after getting it. This condition makes such people completely ill. Alcohol addiction is an incurable disease. It enters the body under many pretexts and slowly takes over life. When it exceeds the limit, the drunkard starts sobbing to get salvation.

Alcoholism is a clever, powerful and elusive disease. The person who comes in its grip makes all kinds of excuses to get it. When an alcoholic is solicited for this, he does not refrain from lying, even swearing. He finds himself weak in the face of this addiction.

signs of addiction

If a person shows the following symptoms, then he may be addicted to alcohol. These symptoms vary from person to person.

  • Anxiety, restlessness, irritability, excessive eagerness.
    Anger, sudden change in mood.
  • Stress, mental exhaustion.
    Difficulty in making decisions.
  • Decreased memory.
  • Insomnia.
  • Severe headache.
    Excessive sweating, especially from the palms and soles of the feet.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite.
    Body trembling and blinking.
  • Cramps and twitching in the body.

Cause of Addiction

Genetic Trait
Experts believe that alcohol addiction is a genetic disease. A study shown that children whose parents are alcoholics are more likely to become addicted to alcohol than normal children. They have been found to have genes that make them attracted to alcohol and they become addicted to it. Such people also find it very difficult to give up alcohol.

Home Environment
Many a times, women and men take the help of alcohol after being troubled by the domestic situation. Gradually it becomes their habit. If an elder member of the household drinks alcohol, it also affects other members. Especially it has a great effect on children. Sometimes it also happens that if the husband is taking alcohol, then he insists on the wife too and later the wife also gets used to it.

Fellowship of Peers
Such people living in the company of alcoholic companions also get addicted to it, who do not consume it at all.

Special Occasion
Be it any event in the family, parties or a festival, the name of alcohol always comes forward. Sometimes people who talk about taking slowly come closer to alcohol.

Alcoholics of All Kinds
After drinking how much, understand that there is an addiction, how many are regular, how many are social, how much is not harmful to the body, the limit which is wrong to cross?

Alcoholic: There are 10 percent of the people in the world who suffer from a disease called alcoholism or alcoholism. Such chemicals develop in the body of such people, due to which after drinking alcohol once, they are forced to drink alcohol again and again. The name of this chemical is tetrahydroisoquinoline.

Others: 90 percent of the people who drink alcohol are those who either do social drinking or are regular drinkers. There are those in the regular drinker, who take 30-40 ml of alcohol daily at night and go to sleep after eating. Such alcoholics take alcohol on special occasions, sometimes even during the day. Some take it as a hobby.

Some of the social and regular drinkers become alcoholic and associate their life with alcohol.


Alcohol not only causes physical and mental diseases, but such people also get involved in crime.
Alcohol is a basis of mental illness. It can cause diseases of the nervous system, liver and stomach.
There is also a fear of heart disease due to this.
First of all, family problems increase due to alcoholism. They do all kinds of domestic violence.
Alcohol addiction is a disease worse than cancer. Cancer makes only one person sick, but alcohol addiction directly makes many people sick.

Ethyl alcohol is used in alcohol. It dissolves easily in human blood. This is the reason that along with taking alcohol, it starts affecting all the parts of the body. Long-term use can lead to liver cirrhosis. It is a difficult disease to get rid of. Ethyl alcohol also causes disturbances in digestion.


Alcohol causes inflammation of the liver, stomach and diseases related to the nervous system. In Ayurveda, medicine is given to overcome these diseases and along with it an alternative to alcohol is given in which the amount of alcohol is very less.

Aloe vera is beneficial for the liver, while Ashwagandha strengthens the nervous system and brain. Apart from this, Jatamansi is also given. Sarthak Churna, Brahmi Ghritam etc. reduce the poison of alcohol from the body. Apart from this, Shankhpushpi, Kutki, Arogya Vardhani etc. are given. Sura is consumed as a substitute for alcohol. Instead of alcohol, 30-40 ml of Mritsanjeevani sura is given. After that it is gradually reduced. Along with this, such patients are sent to counseling centre. Ayurveda experts recommend that these medicines should be used only with the advice of a doctor or Vaidya.

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Addiction in modern world

Drug Addiction in Modern World

The United Nations has observed June 26, 1987 as the ‘World Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking’ in view of the growing rate of drug abuse in the world and the urgency of the global fight against its growing drug trafficking. However, the number of drug addicts worldwide seems to be declining during this period. Addiction in modern world has too many different parameters as compared to the old days.

According to the latest World Drug Report, the number of drug users in the world is currently at least 35.6 million. One-third of these diagnoses are women. In particular, drug addiction is more prevalent in developed nations than in underdeveloped nations. According to a survey conducted by the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in 2019, at least 4 million people in India were addicted to cannabis and 5 million to cannabis or marijuana addiction. Around 51 lakh people in India addicted to inhaled drugs. These include drugs such as cigarettes, marijuana, cocaine, and other substances inhaled, such as gasoline and whitener.

Situation in India

That is to say, there are about one crore 41 lakh drug addicts in India. Of these, 50 per cent are from nly five of the 28 states in India. On the other hand there are 4 states which have the highest number of drug addicts in terms of population density. Unfortunately, some state governments are lifting liquor ban, just to get revenue by ignoring the drug crisis.

In an Internet-friendly and communicative world, the scope of addiction is beyond drugs and alcohol. There is also strains of behavioral addiction. The current psychiatric classification system also includes gambling and virtual computer games. These addictions reduce the efficiency of the working manpower and cause great loss to the society. Not only the individual but also the surrounding society is equally responsible for this global catastrophe.

Back to World Scenario

Unfortunately, only one in eight addicts in the world treats this condition. What could be the reason for such a disturbing mood like intoxication? One may also wonder what exactly does the addict get from the consumption of those substances? or even what is your role as a society? These questions certainly need answers. Dr. Gabor Matte, an American physician and author, states: ‘A person’s addiction does not develop in isolation. The development of a person’s thoughts and brain takes place through constant interaction with the surrounding environment. Indoor and outdoor environment, other mental or physical illnesses as well as heredity are also one of the reasons for the increase in this disorder. Technological leap is certainly a main reason for addiction in the modern world .

One common denominator of all these drugs is that they increase the craving for these substances. Their common property is that all these substances cause such changes in the hormones in the brain that they relieve the human suffering for some time. Many people use these drugs to alleviate this mental instability and the resulting stress. They consume drugs until they become unconscious. Despite knowing the side effects of all these, the person still feels that these substances in a way gave him the courage to face traumatic situations.

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Addiction in women

Addiction in women

Addiction seems to be on the rise among women. Why is this happening ? This article describes the reasons and the process.

Previously villains in dramas, movies, or in general male protagonists use to drink alcohol commonly. Now-a-days it is common to shown prominent male even female characters in movies, dramas and serials as a regular drinker. Sometimes even they are shown as addicted. As movies, dramas and serials have a great impact on the society, these things exalt addiction in the society.

Real life situation

In real life, addiction among women has increased and it has been accepted by the society. As the addiction came with glamor, it is becoming common in the society. Today we commonly observe younger females smoking cigarettes on the tea pot.

Looking at the last few years, it cannot be said that the rate of addiction is higher among women of a certain age. Irrespective of age and status, it has become common in married, unmarried, employed and non-employed women. Now-a-days, 13-14 year old girls seem to be addicted to cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, hashish, marijuana and drugs.

Two examples

This was not the picture a few years ago. The following two examples are almost a representative image of the things happening.

A highly educated woman in her forties. When she got married, her husband told her that she need not do a job. Initially she accepted it very easily. Eventually kids grew up, Husband got more and more involved with his business. Then loneliness enter with the age of her menopause. Husband has a in-house bar. Her addiction began.

Another female came to a city from a village. Husband was in a good position. He use to take her to a party and urges her to drink. She keep on refusing, but this denial did not suit the status quo. So he forced her to drink alcohol. The husband remained a social drinker. But she became addicted. Often women are introduced to alcohol by their husbands and then become addicted.

Path to addiction

Many-a-times it is observed that women have a tendency to become easily addicted. Their journey from alcoholism to addiction is quick. Why so ?

The liver contains an enzyme, which works as a detoxification. Many people are low in this enzyme, especially, on average women suffer for its deficiency. So the journey from acquaintance to addiction is fast in women.

Mental reasons

It doesn’t happened only for physical reasons. There are also psychological reasons too. In the past, women used to feel free to cry and talk when there is mental stress and depression. So they felt relieved. But today many prefer not to cry, as a representation of the mentality that we are strong. Not crying and not talking openly about tensions, difficulties is becoming common. The tendency to suppress overall stress has increased among women. Then at a moment the stress becomes unbearable, leading to the path of addiction.

In short, depression, loneliness, stress and hence addiction are increasing day by day among women.

Results of the treatment

If women accept the need of the treatment in case of addiction, results are known to be good. As per a study, percentage of the women who respond well to the treatment is high. It is 85% for woman in thirties while it is 70% among younger girls.

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Ayurvedic Solution for Addiction

In the event that you help somebody who is a heavy drinker, or you are battling with your very own liquor issue, you might be keen on the procedure of liquor detoxification. Liquor withdrawal symptoms can run from awkward to perilous. This is due to reward circuit of the brain, which opposes getting rid of addiction. Ideally, One needs an ayurvedic solution for getting rid of addiction.

Alcohol detoxification is basically disposing of liquor from the body. It is also about giving restorative help to the manifestations of withdrawal that go with this procedure. Medical professionals will generally recommend a restricted course of treatment with one of a few medications produced for this reason. The most widely recognized ayurvedic solution is Nasha Band, a risk free treatment for alcohol addiction. 

Withdrawal symptoms of addiction

To reduce withdrawal symptoms, a proper treatment is a must. When a heavy drinker abruptly ends the consumption of liquor, (s)he may encounter gentle to serious side effects. This include perspiring, longings for liquor and also trembling. Increasingly serious withdrawal side effects can incorporate wooziness, mental trips as well as seizures in a little level of patients. Nasha Band helps the body wipe out liquor, by reducing risk of once in a while, hazardous indications. 

With the utilization of Ayurvedic treatments like Nasha Band, withdrawal is not so much hazardous. Most clients still experience some inconvenience resting, apprehension and touchiness, however.  But still being an ayurvedic solution for addiction, Nasha Band makes the process much much easy and simple.


Detoxification just tends to the physical issues of liquor addiction. Numerous expert embrace a joined treatment that incorporates advising which may include a 12 stage program, to pursue the detoxification procedure. Most fight that the longings for liquor, both physical and mental, will stay long after it is out of the framework. Following the exact procedure under supervision and guidance is a must in such treatment. It is necessary to help the patient change their mentalities and oppose coming back to liquor use. 

Help and Support

There is no disgrace in requesting help with a liquor issue. Most family specialists and advisers can endorse the detoxification treatment or make the suitable referrals. Exploit the help accessible; recuperating from liquor abuse is a frequently troublesome street. 

Utilizing the assistance accessible can be the distinction among recuperation and backslide, so get some information about detoxification programs today.

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Addiction is not just habit


Addiction is not just habit of taking drugs, stimulants somewhere. It is much more than that. In fact, it is a disease in which mind and body both play significant role as a surrender. Although the widespread example of this is alcohol, there are other actors as well which are growing day by day.

Why it is growing ?

Surprisingly addictions are ancient and not recent as some people think. The major difference is the number of people and the growth rate. There were addictions in the past, but there were some restraints on that.

In the past, the most of the society was living on labor, the number of unemployed people was less. Now with the increase in economic income, the per capita subsistence rate has increased. As the addiction became more personal, it became uncontrollable. In many families it is too late to know if a man has become addicted; Until then, others have no idea.

Money involved in the trade is a major issue

Some people strongly oppose addiction, but generally have little success if we think in a broader sense. Though countless families suffer due to it, it is a bitter fact that most of the governments get financial income from addiction directly or indirectly. It is a sad thing that there are countries who has an economy dependent on the drug trade.

Sociopaths are major beneficiary with drug trade. Terrorist movements around the world also feed on this. It is the experience of many countries that enforcement mechanisms to prevent addiction go awry in the middle.

Addiction is not mere personal issue

Addiction is not just a crisis on a personal level. Many countries are plagued by this problem. Even in the village, we know the empire of the drug lords and their dominance in politics.

Why is a person drawn to addiction? There are many reasons for this. Wealth, loss, temperament, sorrow, despair, emptiness, our outlook on life, companionship, etc. are many reasons for this.

The ultimate important part is that addictive items are available nearby and cheaply. Addiction is a part of mental illness. It only starts as a joke or insistence. Eventually the person becomes completely dependent on that addiction. If the relevant substance is not found, the person suffers mentally as well as physically.

There are other reasons as well

Prolonged addiction also causes mental changes. Addictions are not just among the poor. Even among the newly affluent class, addictions like alcohol has become a status symbol.

Addiction seems to have a bit of heredity also. This means that some people are born with a slight tendency to become addicted. But this can be overcome by social norms.

Getting rid of addiction is not an easy thing. Along with strong will, support from close people, it is always beneficial to take a proper treatment. Nasha band is one such product which undoubtedly helps to quit addiction. You can read more about Nasha Band on this website or on

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Stop Addiction

What is addiction ?

Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming any substance or to stop any activity, which is causing physical or mental damage to the addict.

Sometimes an addict even realizes that (s)he has to get rid of a particular habit which is ruining his life steadily, day by day, but the attraction of the addiction and carving for the substance or the habit is so high, that mere his/her will power isn’t sufficient to get rid of that habit.

Addiction to a substance not only causes harm to body, it affects mental stability and emotional responses. It may introduce unpredictable behavioral traits. In addition to this, it may create financial issues, which in turn leads to unhappy homes.

In today’s world common addictions like tobacco, cigarette are reducing due to multiple  majors taken by government and associated risk of Cancer. But at the same time addiction of alcohol, drugs etc have taken various forms and many people are treating them as a part of their lifestyle. The major concern is that it is grasping various age and income groups in different ways, though the end result on body, mind and financial stability is almost of the same nature.

How to stop addiction ?


For very few people mere will power, will work to get rid of any addiction which is part of his/her life for long time. Expert consultation and counseling might work for a person, who really wants to get rid of it and who can get / afford an environment, which will be helpful for the same. But there are many persons, who live in such an environment, that it is almost impossible for him/her to avoid the urge for the addiction.

In such cases a supplementary product which helps to create nausea for the addiction might help. Nashaband is one of such supplementary product. It is tasteless, odorless when it is mixed with the food and there is almost zero chance, that an addict will come to know that (s)he is being treated with a medicine through his regular intake.

Nashaband is made from natural extracts and it has no side effects. It will help an addict to wean off the addiction gradually without his/her knowledge of the treatment.