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Negative effects of Tobacco on Human Health

Tobacco is like a slow poison. Excessive consumption of Tobacco in any form has tremendous adverse effects of human health. 

Tobacco is one of the major culprits for Cancer, as it has almost seventy chemicals which can cause Cancer. Nearly 50% of people who consume Tobacco on regular basis, die due to health complications resulted from Tobacco consumption. Diseases which result from Tobacco use are generally related to mouth, lungs, heart and lever. Contribution to Cancer of Kidney, Bladder and Pancreas has also been noticed. Average life expectancy in tobacco consumer is also lesser,compared to others who do not consume tobacco.

The addictive nature of Tobacco is mainly due to Nicotine. Nicotine creates dependency on both the fronts, physical and psychological. Tobacco smoke contains certain molecules which get attached to human DNA and cause mutations. Ultimately over long period, this results in Cancer. These mutations may be carried forward in next generation as well.

Tobacco exposure or consumption can be of various natures. Though smoking is the most preferred way, Chewing tobacco in various forms also contributes substantially.

Smoking is achieved through many ways, Cigarettes or Cigars is being the prime, there are local versions of the same in the form of Bidi, Hookkasetc . Passive smoking where by, Tobacco smoke is consumed due to smoking habits of another person, also has similar adverse effects, though the intensity might be little lesser.Inhaling smoke starts its adverse effects on tooth, mouth, throat, lungs and most of the internal organs in stomach.

Direct chewing of Tobacco was preferred method for long time along with Tobacco in various forms through betel leaves typically known as Paan, which is getting replaced by flavored powders or a mixture of flavored items generally terms as Gutka.

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