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How To Get Rid Of Alcohol

get rid of alcohol

When someone becomes physically or mentally dependent on a particular thing, then that condition is called addiction. The victims of alcoholism remain restless until they get alcohol. Such people remain abnormal before consuming the drug and find themselves in a normal state after getting it. This condition makes such people completely ill. Alcohol addiction is an incurable disease. It enters the body under many pretexts and slowly takes over life. When it exceeds the limit, the drunkard starts sobbing to get salvation.

Alcoholism is a clever, powerful and elusive disease. The person who comes in its grip makes all kinds of excuses to get it. When an alcoholic is solicited for this, he does not refrain from lying, even swearing. He finds himself weak in the face of this addiction.

signs of addiction

If a person shows the following symptoms, then he may be addicted to alcohol. These symptoms vary from person to person.

  • Anxiety, restlessness, irritability, excessive eagerness.
    Anger, sudden change in mood.
  • Stress, mental exhaustion.
    Difficulty in making decisions.
  • Decreased memory.
  • Insomnia.
  • Severe headache.
    Excessive sweating, especially from the palms and soles of the feet.
  • Nausea and loss of appetite.
    Body trembling and blinking.
  • Cramps and twitching in the body.

Cause of Addiction

Genetic Trait
Experts believe that alcohol addiction is a genetic disease. A study shown that children whose parents are alcoholics are more likely to become addicted to alcohol than normal children. They have been found to have genes that make them attracted to alcohol and they become addicted to it. Such people also find it very difficult to give up alcohol.

Home Environment
Many a times, women and men take the help of alcohol after being troubled by the domestic situation. Gradually it becomes their habit. If an elder member of the household drinks alcohol, it also affects other members. Especially it has a great effect on children. Sometimes it also happens that if the husband is taking alcohol, then he insists on the wife too and later the wife also gets used to it.

Fellowship of Peers
Such people living in the company of alcoholic companions also get addicted to it, who do not consume it at all.

Special Occasion
Be it any event in the family, parties or a festival, the name of alcohol always comes forward. Sometimes people who talk about taking slowly come closer to alcohol.

Alcoholics of All Kinds
After drinking how much, understand that there is an addiction, how many are regular, how many are social, how much is not harmful to the body, the limit which is wrong to cross?

Alcoholic: There are 10 percent of the people in the world who suffer from a disease called alcoholism or alcoholism. Such chemicals develop in the body of such people, due to which after drinking alcohol once, they are forced to drink alcohol again and again. The name of this chemical is tetrahydroisoquinoline.

Others: 90 percent of the people who drink alcohol are those who either do social drinking or are regular drinkers. There are those in the regular drinker, who take 30-40 ml of alcohol daily at night and go to sleep after eating. Such alcoholics take alcohol on special occasions, sometimes even during the day. Some take it as a hobby.

Some of the social and regular drinkers become alcoholic and associate their life with alcohol.


Alcohol not only causes physical and mental diseases, but such people also get involved in crime.
Alcohol is a basis of mental illness. It can cause diseases of the nervous system, liver and stomach.
There is also a fear of heart disease due to this.
First of all, family problems increase due to alcoholism. They do all kinds of domestic violence.
Alcohol addiction is a disease worse than cancer. Cancer makes only one person sick, but alcohol addiction directly makes many people sick.

Ethyl alcohol is used in alcohol. It dissolves easily in human blood. This is the reason that along with taking alcohol, it starts affecting all the parts of the body. Long-term use can lead to liver cirrhosis. It is a difficult disease to get rid of. Ethyl alcohol also causes disturbances in digestion.


Alcohol causes inflammation of the liver, stomach and diseases related to the nervous system. In Ayurveda, medicine is given to overcome these diseases and along with it an alternative to alcohol is given in which the amount of alcohol is very less.

Aloe vera is beneficial for the liver, while Ashwagandha strengthens the nervous system and brain. Apart from this, Jatamansi is also given. Sarthak Churna, Brahmi Ghritam etc. reduce the poison of alcohol from the body. Apart from this, Shankhpushpi, Kutki, Arogya Vardhani etc. are given. Sura is consumed as a substitute for alcohol. Instead of alcohol, 30-40 ml of Mritsanjeevani sura is given. After that it is gradually reduced. Along with this, such patients are sent to counseling centre. Ayurveda experts recommend that these medicines should be used only with the advice of a doctor or Vaidya.

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